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Media Kit: HOME Start®

Program Summary

Precise Targeting of New Homebuyers & New Movers:  HOME Start reaches new homebuyers and new movers just prior to their move-in date, when interest is at it's peak to personalize their new home.  This allows you to intercept people precisely when they are looking for products and services to clean, decorate, furnish, beautify and equip their new home.

Ideal Timing & Context to Deliver Home-Related Advertising

  • Decorating - Window Treatments, Cleaning Products, Paint, Floor Covering
  • Furniture & Appliances - Living Room, Bedding, Kitchen, Home Electronics
  • Home Improvements - Plumbing Fixtures, Lighting, Home Security
  • Outdoor - Lawn & Garden, Decking, Landscaping, Playground
  • Miscellaneous - Insurance, Power Tools, HVAC

People Are Talking About HOME Start

Real Estate Professionals:

New Movers & Homebuyers:

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HOME Start Gift Bags

  • Client-supplied literature, product samples, promotional items: 60-90 days leadtime based on elements used.



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