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Impact at Point-of-Care

Patient Education Marketing That Prompts Discussions & Spurs Action

The 5-10 minutes of disease discussion that typically occurs between newly diagnosed patients and their physician represents a valuable marketing opportunity.

It's the point at which a patient begins to learn about their condition and becomes acutely aware of how it will impact them moving forward.

Hand-to-hand delivery of educational materials by the HCP at this moment helps to guide discussions, laying the groundwork for better health outcomes and generating positive marketing results:

Brand-supported patient education materials in print and/or physical form represent the most patient-friendly format for exam room and take-home use, with portability that extends your message beyond the office visit.

Dialogue Company has over 25 years of experience in delivering healthcare communications programs across many specialties:


Contact us for an introductory review of Dialogue Company custom services to integrate your brand into point-of-care discussions between your target physicians and relevant patients.

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