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Please complete and submit this form if you would like to apply for the FREE Diabetes Outlook® patient education kit program. All information must be completed in order for you to qualify. Kit quantities are limited, and all applications will be individually reviewed for eligibility.
Only diabetes care providers based in the continental United States qualify for this program.

Hint: Use your “tab” key or mouse pointer to move to each field.
Do not press your “enter” or “return” key,
because that will submit a blank form.

1.  Who should we contact at your location concerning administration of the program?
     (Note: Kits will be shipped to the attention of the main contact person. Please do not use commas
      when typing this information.)
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Alternate Contact: Name    
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2.  Practice/Facility Phone Number? (with area code)
3.  What is your shipping address?  (Note: Type your shipping address exactly as you would like
     it to appear on the shipping label -- there are a maximum of 35 characters per line. Please do
use commas in your address. P.O. Boxes are not allowed for kit shipments.)

Our shipping address is:

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4.  What is your mailing address?

mailing & shipping address are identical (as listed above)

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5.  Email address (Used ONLY for important communications about our program.)
6.  Fax number (with area code)
7. Please indicate how many new patients enter your program in an average month.
 new patients per month
8.  Are there any types of product samples you find objectionable, which would
     cause you to reject the program?
All generally acceptable 
Sugar Free Foods
OTC Meds/Vitamins
Other (please specify)
9. How did you hear about this program? (Check all that apply)
Received info in the mail 
Magazine/professional journal ad or listing
Internet listing
Friend/colleague referral
AADE Web Site
AADE conference
Other professional conference (please specify)
Other (please specify)

10. Approximately how many patient education kits would you like to receive per year?
      (Note: Shipments will be made once per year.

requested patient kits per year
11. Does your Practice/Facility have a storage problem? (Note: Usually there are 30-60 kits
      per carton, depending on the weight of the kits.)
YES ...
If YES, we can only accept cartons per shipment. 
(Cartons are approximately the size of a large microwave oven box; as large as: 23" long x 15" deep x 15" tall.)
12.  Please indicate whether you are a:
Diabetes Educator
Doctor's Office
  What specialty?
  Number of doctors at this location
Other (please specify)
13. What are your professional credentials? (check all that apply)
OPTIONAL: If you have any questions, comments, or special
instructions, please note those here:
We / I would like to receive the free Diabetes Outlook® Program. 
We / I agree to distribute only one patient kit per diabetes patient.
Your Name
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KIT QUANTITIES ARE LIMITED, therefore all applications will be screened to
determine whether they meet eligibility criteria.
The Dialogue Company reserves the
right to limit distribution quantities, and remove any facility from the
program that it deems necessary.


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