Exact contents of packs will vary.

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Program Details:

Free HealthSTART Wellness Packs® will help you build awareness of your retail clinic or pharmacy, assist you in cross-selling additional services, and create a memorable patient experience that will increase repeat visits.

Your patients will love receiving free samples, information and money saving coupons through HealthSTART!

“The HealthSTART program provides a vehicle for us
  to offer added-value for our customers, to promote
  our treatment and wellness services and build patient

                                 Clinic chain participating in HealthSTART

Completely Free!
We recruit program sponsors from leading corporations to make it possible for us to provide you with HealthSTART Wellness Sample Packs completely free of charge, including free shipping. There is no cost to you, ever!


Stand Out in Your Community: Utilize this program as free marketing support by adding your own branded marketing/educational materials to the packs. Talk about any special events, publicize your hours, and tell patients about all the services you provide. HealthSTART will help you make your patients feel appreciated and positive about their health, thereby giving them a reason to want to keep coming back and telling all their friends and family about your services.

Educate & Build Retail Sales: HealthSTART packs can help you educate your patients about healthy product and lifestyle choices. They give your patients the chance to sample healthy products, and encourage them to use the enclosed coupons to make better-informed purchases in your store. The packs help your clinic or pharmacy, and most of all…your patients!

How It Works: We manage everything, customizing your sample pack quantities based on your needs, and shipping all materials directly to your door, pre-packed & ready to be handed out. You will automatically receive shipments from one to three times per year, based on your patient volumes. Exact contents of the packs will vary throughout the year and in different regions of the country, and at certain times, seasonally appropriate materials will be included. There’s nothing for you to do, but hand out the packs to your patients and enjoy all the smiles and thanks you receive in return!

Program Eligibility & Requirements: Wellness pack quantities are limited, therefore all applications will be screened to determine whether they meet eligibility criteria:

  • Only Retail Pharmacies or Retail Health Clinics, located within the continental U.S., are eligible.
  • You may hand out only one wellness pack per patient, free of charge.
  • Wellness packs cannot be sold or distributed in any other manner.
  • Quantities are limited and will be adjusted to match available supplies.
  • The Dialogue Co., managers of HealthSTART, reserve the right to adjust or suspend pack shipments at any time.

No Contracts or Long Term Obligations: The HealthSTART program does not require you to enter into a contract of any kind. You may cancel or put your HealthSTART account on hold at any time, and there is never any cost or charge for the program.

Build better relationships with your patients and more traffic for your store through HealthSTART!


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