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Please complete and submit this form if you would like to apply for the FREE gift bag program. All information must be completed in order for you to qualify. Only adoption organizations based in the continental United States qualify for this program.

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1.  Shelter/ Adoption Organization Phone Number (with area code)
2.  What is your shelter/adoption organization's mailing address?
Facility Name
Zip Code
3.  What is your shipping address? (P.O. Boxes are not allowed for gift bag shipments.)
mailing & shipping address are identical (as listed above)

Our shipping address is as follows:

Facility Name
Zip Code
4a.  Email address (used only for important communications about our free program)
Primary Email
Secondary Email
4b.  Website of Shelter/Adoption Organization
5.  Provide the staff names we should contact concerning administration of the program:
Main Contact: Name
  Job Title
Alternate Contact: Name
  Job Title
6.   What's the best estimate of adoptions you expect to complete in an average YEAR?
Number of Puppies (up to 12 months)
Number. of Kittens (up to 12 months)
Number. of Dogs (13 months & older)
Number of Cats (13 months & older)
7. Do you have a storage problem that would limit the number of cartons you could receive
per shipment?
 (We ship 1-3 times per year based on your adoption numbers. Cartons measure approximately 18"x18"x15".)
No storage problem
Yes, we can only accept cartons per shipment.
8.  What other pet food samples or kits do you currently distribute? (check all that apply)
None Home for the Holidays
Petsmart Purina
Hills Other
9.  Do you operate out of a:
Shelter Facility 
Foster Homes
10.  Is your organization registered as a nonprofit? (e.g. 501-C3)
Don't Know
11.  Is your adoption organization:
Never Kill
No Kill (may euthanize for aggression or poor health)
Euthanize for space
No classification
12.  How did you hear about the Friends Fur-ever program? (check all that apply)
Received Postcard / Mailing listing
Received info by email Friend/colleague referral
Referred by a pet store
  Please specify store name & city:
Professional conference
  Please specify city/state and date:
Internet listing
  Please specify website name:
13.  OPTIONAL: If you have questions, comments, or special instructions, please note below:
WE AGREE: Our shelter/adoption organization would like to receive the FREE Friends Fur-ever Adoption Gift Bag Program. We agree to distribute only one gift bag per adoption, free of charge. We agree to provide gift bags only to adopters and not use the free materials for feeding or care of animals prior to their adoption. We will not sell Friends-Fur-Ever Gift Bags, or any contents thereof, or distribute in any other manner. We also meet or exceed the following care criteria: our animals receive adequate food & water daily, are housed in a clean environment, and receive proper veterinary care as needed.
Your Name   Job Title

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Current year (YYYY):
The Dialogue Company reserves the right to limit distribution quantities, and remove any facility from the program that it deems necessary.
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