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Diabetes Outlook® Learning Series

Patient Marketing

Circulation:  200,000 patients enrolled in diabetes education annually

Program Summary:  The Diabetes Outlook Learning Series provides a multi-channel approach to diabetes education and brand integration.  The series starts with delivery of a Patient Pack that contains educational and brand materials, which is provided to patients by their HCP during an initial office visit.  Building on that foundation, a set of educational articles is then individually selected for each patient.  The e-Learning Series is sent to patients in a time-sequenced format over the next 12-months, which progressively builds understanding on a topic-by-topic basis.  Major topic areas include:

The dual format of in-person interaction plus digital content delivered over an entire year, provides impact & continuity that reinforces educational and brand messaging throughout the patient education process.

Available Elements:  Category exclusive delivery of brand literature, digital advertising, print advertising, product sampling, logoed premium delivery, HCP literature and ROI market research.

Print Advertising in Education Guide:  Each Patient Pack contains the Patient Education Guide, which carries P4C advertising and is used by diabetes educators to help teach patients about glucose control, dietary changes and recommended lifestyle modifications.


Diabetes Professionals

Professional Circulation:  1,100 diabetes care professionals

Audience:  Diabetes educators/CDEs and physicians - who request Diabetes Outlook materials in writing (100% opt-in).

Distribution:  Brand materials are sent to participating professionals to help educate HCPs about product offerings and equip them with key points to share with their diabetes patients.

Available Elements:  Delivery of long form brand literature, coupons, co-pay cards, client-supplied videos in a unique "video brochure" format, logoed premium delivery, journal articles, etc.

Due Dates:


Apr/May 2019 - Patient Pack
Print ad creative for Patient Education Guide: 2/4/19
Consumer & HCP literature / samples / promotional mat'l (client-supplied): 3/15/19
Digital ad units: 1-week leadtime

Aug/Sep 2019 - Patient Pack
Consumer & HCP literature / samples / promotional mat'l (client-supplied): 7/12/19
Digital ad units: 1-week leadtime


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