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Diabetes Outlook®

Reach diabetes patients during personalized education sessions and for 12-months afterwards

Diabetes Outlook® provides educational Patient Packs free of charge to healthcare providers who hand-deliver them to their patients during diabetes education sessions. Advertisers can include their brand materials within the Patient Packs and can sponsor topic-specific articles which are emailed to patients during a full year of diabetes education.

Diabetes Outlook Learning Series







These patients are increasing their awareness and knowledge of how to manage their condition and learning how to avoid the complications they could face if they don't take action to control their disease. The variety, individualized educational content and long-term continuity provided by the Diabetes Outlook Learning Series assures that brand information gets noticed and acted upon.

Diabetes Education Sessions

Patient education sessions provide an excellent opportunity and setting to deliver your brand message and product benefits. View this short video from a hospital that participates in the Diabetes Outlook Program, which illustrates how their educators convey important diabetes care information to their patients.

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The Diabetes Outlook Learning Series provides a variety of sponsorship opportunities including: educational content sponsorship, digital advertising, print advertising within a patient Education Guide, product sampling, delivery of client-supplied brand literature & purchase incentives, and professional materials delivery.

For more details view our Media Kit.

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