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Media Kit: Cardiac Directions

Ad Specifications

Ad Specifications for Cardiac Directions® Education Guides

Full Page, Digest Size Ad
  Depth/Height Width
Live Area 7" 5"
Trim Size 7 1/2" 5 3/8"
Bleed Size* 7 3/4" 5 5/8"

Note: Ads that contain bleeds must be sized according to the bleed spec. Creative that is supplied as non-bleed will appear with a white border around the perimeter of the ad. Trim lines should be noted on ad page.

Required Materials: Ads are to be supplied on a computer disk (e.g., CD-ROM, Zip) in Macintosh format, using standard graphics software (e.g., Quark, In-Design, PDF, Illustrator, TIFF-IT/PI, PhotoShop, Postscript). All original artwork files (e.g., graphics, scans, etc.) and fonts must be included. Please label the type of software used and the version on the outside of the disk, and include a hardcopy printout of the files contained on the disk. No trapping. Minimum 300 D.P.I.

A full-size color proof is also required. This proof should ideally be submitted on a gloss substrate. If your files do not print properly for you, it's very likely that they will not output for us either. Progressive proofs, Cromalin, Color Laser, Imation Rainbow, 3M Matchprint, and other similar proofs are acceptable.

Materials are to be mailed to the address shown below, and should be clearly marked:

The Dialogue Company
106 Straube Center Blvd.
Pennington, NJ 08534
Phone (609) 737-1110

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